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  1. What information do you need to file my claim?

    Patients name (spelled correctly as it appears on their card)
    Medicare number

    8-digit number on the Gold Card or either the 10-digit recipient ID number.

    Workers Comp Insurance:
    Employer name, Employer city, Employer phone number

    Major Medical Insurance/Secondary Insurance:
    Insured's name
    Patients relationship to insured (SELF, SPOUSE or CHILD)
    Insured's D.O.B. (Insurance Company's will no longer pay without the DOB)
    Insured's sex
    Group name and Group number
    Contract (policy) number

    Auto Insurance
    Owner of the Vehicle you were in.
    Auto Insurance Name, Address, Phone Number.
    Policy Number and Claim Number

  2. Why am I receiving an invoice?
    An invoice is mailed to all patients who have been transported via ambulance. Please read it carefully. If we have all of the information to file your claim, the invoice will state "we have filed this bill with Medicare/Insurance and are awaiting payment". We will send you the balance due statement after Medicare/Insurance has paid or denied our claim. We will also file your secondary insurance if applicable.

  3. Why am I receiving a Statement?
    Monthly Statements are mailed at the end of each month on all accounts that have a balance.

  4. Will you send the claim to my secondary insurance?
    Yes, we will file a claim to your secondary/supplemental insurance after we receive the payment from your primary insurance/Medicare.

  5. What if I do not have any insurance?
    As part of our commitment to serve the community, we offer financial assistance in the form of discounts, payment arrangements, and/or charity care on our ambulance charges, to those patients who are indigent and satisfy certain requirements. To obtain an application for financial assessment,
    call the Billing Office at 352-498-1240 X 221.

  6. Can I make payment arrangements?
    We will gladly set up a monthly payment plan with you.

  7. What method of payments do you accept?
    Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Debit Cards

  8. Can you explain my charges?
    In compliance to the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, our fees are determined by using Medicare Part B's national fee schedule for ambulance services. There is one charge for all services and supplies, and then a separate charge for mileage.
    The charges are based on the level of service provided.

    A0429- Basic Life Support Emergency Transport

    A0427-Advanced Life Support, Level 1 Emergency Transport

    A0433-Advanced Life Support, Level 2 Emergency Transport (transport of a patient requiring the administration of three or more drugs (by IV, IM, or Sub Q) OR one of the following ALS procedures during transport: Manual defibrillation, endotracheal intubation, central venous line, cardiac pacing, chest decompression, surgical airway, intraosseous infusion.

    A0425- Ground ambulance miles. Patient loaded miles from the point of patient pickup to the point of delivery to the "closest appropriate facility".

    A0999- Negotiated Charge with Medicaid for mileage.

    A0998- Response Fee (Non Covered Charge by most insurance companies)

  9. How can I get a copy of my ambulance trip report?
    You can obtain a copy of your trip report by completing the medical records request form, (available on our website) and mailing it along with payment to: Medical Records Custodian P. O. Box 2009 Cross City, Florida 32628. (Records will not be mailed until payment is received)

  10. Why am I being charged for a "response fee" when I have insurance?
    Unfortunately, there is not a valid HCPT code for "response fees" (no transport services or evaluations). Most insurance companies will not reimburse us for this service. Therefore, it is "our" policy to collect directly from the patient and not file with any insurance company.

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