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Dixie County Emergency Services is a certified and insured training center through American Safety and Health (ASHI). We offers community education courses which includes CPR/AED for the Layperson as well as Basic First Aid.

For the healthcare providers, we also offer BLS CPR-Pro.

Course info is as follows;

CPR/AED for Community and Workplace is a 6 hour (4 hour re-certification) course offered to the general public who need to have the general knowledge of how to respond to a person in need of immediate medical intervention. Teaches Basic techniques for CPR, AED operation, and also basic steps in recognizing and dealing with common medical emergencies like Choking, Heart Attack and Stroke.

BLS CPR-Pro is a 8 hour (6 hour re-certification) class for Healthcare Providers. Teaches Basic Life Support techniques on CPR and AED operation. Course also teaches basic steps in recognizing and providing care in common emergency situations.

First Aid is approx 2-4 hour class that teaches basic knowledge and techniques of providing initial care to the sick or injured until definitive medical treatment can be accessed. Course covers techniques on patient assessment, bandaging of trauma wound, and initial care of medical illness emergencies.


Course Cost:

BLS CPR-Pro $35

CPR/AED for Community and Workplace $25

Basic First Aid $25 ($10 when taught together with CPR/AED)

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