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Hazardous materials are substances which, because of their chemical, physical, or biological nature, pose a potential risk to life,health or property if they are released. Hazards can exist during production,storage, transportation, use, or disposal.

During a chemical emergency you may be asked by local officials to shelter in place instead of trying to evacuate the area. Staying indoors until the emergency is over may be much safer than going outside where the air could be unsafe to breathe.


  1. Go inside/stay calm.
  2. If your eyes, nose or throat become irritated, protect by covering your mouth and nose with several layers of damp cloth and take frequent shallow breaths.
  3. Turn off the A/C or heater
  4. Close all windows and doors.
  5. Do not use the fireplace.
  6. Close the fireplace damper.
  7. Use tape to seal cracks or openings around doors and windows. This will provide more protection.
  8. Tune in to your local emergency radio or television station. Emergency information will be given by local officials over radio and television.
  9. Use the telephone for emergencies only. Do not use the phone unless necessary. For emergencies dial 911. For information on the chemical emergency you may call (352) 498-1240.

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