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Some points to understand when assisting seniors during a disaster:

  1. It can be more difficult for some seniors to understand the significance of what is taking place. Some could become easily confused or disoriented.
  2. Many seniors do not want to evacuate even when ordered to do so. They would rather "ride it out" at the home they know and in which they feel comfortable.
  3. Their pets are key points in decision making for the senior citizen.
  4. Seniors require more planning. They move more slowly and with greater effort than younger people. They are inclined to have more medicines, medical aides such as walkers, and other considerations that require more advanced planning and preparation time to move.
  5. They may require special medical attention, such as the assistance they would receive at a special needs shelter.
  6. When evacuating they could require more rest stops.

Before the Disaster

  1. Know the threats to your home. In Dixie County, wildfire, tropical storms, tornadoes, strong wind sheer and rising water along river and lake front property are among our main concerns.
  2. Have a plan of where to go, such as a public shelter, special needs shelter, family or friends' home.
  3. If you need assistance with transportation or special needs, you should contact Dixie County Office of Emergency Management to register for special assistance 352-498-1240.
  4. Have a pet plan. Animals are allowed in the pet-friendly shelters, but not all general population shelters. Check with your veterinarian or kennel to arrange care for the pet. Be sure to include pet vaccination records, special medication, pet food, toys, identification, and a pet crate.
  5. Stock plenty of bottled water and non-perishable foods. At least one gallon of water per person per day and five days supply of food.
  6. Have your prescriptions up-to-date. Keep an adequate supply of prescription medicines on hand. Have the name and phone numbers of your doctor, insurance company and other important people or organizations where you can find them quickly and take them with you.
  7. Have a fully capable person who can help you evacuate. You could need help in driving a vehicle, carrying your belongings and dealing with the weather elements.

Alert Warning

For the latest information on COVID-19 (Corona Virus) please go to: Florida Dept of Health Dixie County Dept of Health

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