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Hurricane Irma is currently a category 4 major hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph moving west 14 mph.

 Due to the fact that Hurricane Irma and the fact that Dixie County has been placed in the Tropical Storm Warning Area, Dixie County has issued a recommended evacuation order for all residents living in low-lying areas, substandard housing, mobile homes, RVs, and the coastal communities of Dixie County. 

The evacuation order is based on Weather Service Advisory indicating that Dixie County is expected to receive tropical storm force winds beginning Sunday morning, September 10th, extending for an estimated 30+ hours.

Citizens should be advised that any changes in the storm’s track may increase impact. 

 Due to the size and impact of this storm, all citizens are encouraged to evacuate areas outside the county and affected areas.

Shelters will be open on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 10:00am

The General Population Shelter will be the Ruth Rains Middle School, located at 981 SE Hwy 351 Hwy in Cross City.  Once that shelter is at capacity, the new Old Town Elementary School on CR 55A will be used.

 The Special Needs Shelter will be at the Bell Health Academy (Bell High School) located at 930 South Main Street in Bell, Florida. For more information on Special Needs Patients and evacuations, please call Dixie County Emergency Management.

 For general storm information, contact us at 352-498- 1240 ext.1

 Any requests relating to needs associated with Hurricane Irma will be handled through the Office of Emergency Management by calling 352-498-1464.  All EMERGENCY request should be handled as normal by calling 911.


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Please continue to visit this page and our Facebook page at Dixie County Emergency Services for continued updates.

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